Every year, Valletta opens its closed doors to visitors who can gain access to usually unaccessible places such as the Prime Minister's Office and the less public areas of the Presidents Palace. It is also a time when the arts have a one night Festival and live music is to be found scattered in multiple venues through the city. Visitors roam from venue to venue sampling all the musical offerings.

This year, Celtic Connections Malta played at Casino Maltese in Republic Street. Normally a relatively sober private club, the marble foyer was a great space for us to play in. We expected a fluid audience, but were very pleased  when we realised that people were coming in to have a listen and then decided to stay. 

Our jigs, reels, waltzes and polkas had our audience clapping, cheering and eventually dancing in happy abandon! It was very entertaining to see line dancing and ballroom sequence dancing done in perfect time to our music.

Notte Bianca 2017 2 350

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We were very well fed and watered by the staff of casino Maltese, who despite being run off their feet by the hundreds of people present made sure we had everything we needed, including some large fans which became necessary as the atmosphere hotted up!

Notte bianca 2017 linedance 350

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The finale came with a boisterous second rendition of Dingle Regatta where the entire audience rose in time with the band at the last stanza. 

It was a great night!