PDF Tune Book

Click here for the latest version of our tune book in PDF form.


Last update: 26th January 2024
A major update with more than 40 new tunes (thanks Jan!) and miscellaneous corrections.

The book is in two parts. Part One contains tunes that we play individually. Part Two contains tunes we play in sets. Part One is in alphabetical order and Part Two is in alphabetical order of the name of the first tune of the set.

The tune book is best used on a tablet. The PDF is searchable so that you can quickly find a tune if you know its name.

As far as we are aware there are no copyright issues with these tunes but if you have a copyright problem with any of them just email us and we will immediately remove it from the book. 

St Patrick's Day Tunes

This is the subset of tunes we played for the Irish Embassy event for St Patricks's Day in 2023.

St Patrick's Tune Book

Barn Dance Tunes

We occasionally play for Barn Dances using the following tunebook developed by Moira and Peter Gutteridge of Dampier's Round.

Barn Dance Tune Book

Scottish Dance Tunes

We are presently experimenting with tunes to play for some of the simpler Scottish dances. Click below for the temporary tune book that we are using:



We don't do songs! But occasionally there is no getting away from it. When playing in public we continually get requests for songs, particularly Irish ones. Here is the songbook we use on those occasions: