As usual on 17th March, Malta went into full swing on St Patrick's night. There were several venues boasting traditional events, but as the only truly Celtic band on the island, we chose to stay in Valletta and played the Offbeat Bar in Merchant Street where we have had so many good nights. Quite a small venue, but very friendly.

The atmosphere was great, and the clientele was a mix of our friends, who danced the odd jig, locals, and tourist visitors. We fielded 13 musicians and with a few added songs from our guest singer Eugene, the craic was great.

We were joined on the night by Eugene who sang several well known Irish songs. Sadly we did not get many who knew the words to sing along, but he added a great deal to the atmosphere of the evening, and there was much clapping and general boisterousness. 

The second part of our St Patricks weekend was spent at the Golf Club. Unfortunately we were in a side room with little view of those lunching, but we played on nevertheless. The atmosphere was lacking compared to the previous night at Offbeat. It was however a charity event and we felt we'd done our bit.

Sadly because of the natural darkness of the Offbeat bar and the way things developed speedily at the golf club, we have no pictures. We hope to get some from our friends who were there and if so, will add them later.