On 10th December, Celtic connections held one of their quarterly Open Nights, when friends can come and listen, dance, have a bite to eat and a drink with the band.

open night dec 2017 03 350

At Notte Bianca, several of Duncan and Julie's dance class came to listen at Casino Maltese and danced to our music there - an interesting mix of celtic, latin and ballroom! We issued an invitation to them for the open night and not only did they attend, the teachers brought along their daughter and son-in-law who are local Latin Dance champions to give us a demonstration. Their enthusiasm was great and a good time was had by all. The food was its usual excellent self and the wine and beer flowed, as did the mulled wine. 

open night dec 2017 350

We had around 60 altogether. Enormous thanks to Julie for organising us all, setting up and clearing up on the night. There was not a lot of food left!!

Our next one will be in the spring, probably after we have recovered from the St Patrick's spate!